The Cocreative Power That Can Be

We can mastermind the future through envisioning it. That’s the cocreative power we have, and that’s how powerful we are when we tune consciously into the future we co-manifest.
To successfully activate this power, four essential conditions must be met.
1) Our first challenge is to agree on and coherently envision at all levels—consciously, subconsciously and emotionally—the future we intend to co-manifest, as discordance within and among the collaborating souls may hamper the resulting effect.
Underlying belief systems at odds with the thought-forms of the future we intend to cocreate will also undermine the collective work. Left unchecked, subconscious beliefs contradicting the intent held in the conscious mind will at best cancel it out and, at worst, bring about its opposite.
Similarly, not resonating with a common vision could undermine the collective work and would be akin to rowing in a different direction. Conversely, a laser-like focus in the same direction as others will magnify the manifestation power of the collectively held thought-forms.
As for the need to feel strongly about this, highly energetic pure emotions are the fuel that propel the rocket of our common intent, so it may soar high enough to elicit resonance from Source and thus make its way through any impediment to its full manifestation. Or, expressed differently, the straighter the hairs stand on our arms, and the deeper the tingling bursts of emotional vibrations emerge from our soul, the louder and the brighter our vision will resonate and shine within the Universal Consciousness Field.
When our conscious thoughts, subconscious beliefs and heartfelt emotions are aligned and harmonized, the seeds of our collective vision are bound to take root and grow in the universal medium of Source through which they initially emerged… which is why it is so important to make space within us for Source to guide our cocreative envisioning, as then Source will naturally respond to what It has initiated.
2) The next condition for our vision to reach completion is allowing the power of Love to flow through us, while in deep meditation, and thoroughly infuse it so it may take on a life of its own and blossom to full bloom. That’s where the ability to surf the mighty wave of powerful emotions comes in handy. Being the very essence of Source, Love has the power to figuratively create a portal in the space-time continuum through which our vision will eventually come through and true.
Riding ever stronger waves of Love and merging our consciousness ever deeper within Source is the blessed Way to cocreate a New Reality.
3) Once our Love infusion is fulfilled, for our vision to blossom we then release it from the grip of our attention, while wholly trusting it is already manifested in the field of potentials, and that nothing can prevent its emergence, in perfect divine time.
Releasing a vision means that we really trust the universe to manifest it, and believe we have in us what it takes to play our part in bringing it to fruition. When we fall asleep, we trust everything will be fine when we wake up. Surrendering our vision to the Flow of Source is the best way to put to rest any doubt about its manifestation.
4) Finally, to succeed in co-manifesting a vision of the future that involves contributions from millions of souls, it will take the magical serendipity that Source can make possible. The gist of this vision will also be propagated through countless channels, so as to elicit a resonant recognition in a critical mass of people that this is unquestionably the way to go. And to be efficient co-manifestors of this vision, we need to learn to trust our moment-to-moment intuitive guidance as we contribute our unique piece of the puzzle to bring this vision to life – within the purview of the Law of free will.
Indeed, allowing for this cosmic law to run its course is something Source inherently abides by. The individual and collective free will choices of Its countless souls who, by their very nature, are holographic expressions of Itself, cannot be impinged on in the course of their aeons-long evolutionary journey from Source to Source. Call it the Universal Prime Directive: Thou shall respect every willful, conscious choice of every soul. 
A clear, sustained direction given to our collective evolution, through our everyday conscious choices of feelings, thoughts, words and actions, will elicit a resonant response from Source. This is also what the Prime Directive implies. Through our ongoing choices, the universe will respond to the direction we give to our own evolution. This not just a matter of forming a grand vision of our future and asking the universe to make it happen. Our personal ongoing contributions to its manifestation, as the universe is acting through us, are just as essential.
Remaining attuned to Source as It flows through us, receiving and actively manifesting Its inspiration, wisdom and guidance, is the essence of cocreation, each soul acting like a fractal node of Its holographic universe, forever evolving and unfolding through the Web of Life to which we are all intrinsically connected.
In the end, nothing can prevent a cohesively envisioned and love-empowered vision of the future from becoming the New Reality, as long as a critical mass of souls choose at all levels to co-manifest it, through tuning into the Universal Consciousness that resides in each of our hearts.