What are we trying to accomplish with Consciousness Arising?

As the name of this project implies, we see the arising to a higher consciousness as the main, and possibly only, conduit towards a viable future for our civilization on this planet.
Admittedly, on the backdrop of the billions of years it took life to evolve to its current stage in this world, our civilization is very much in its infancy. We know that in the past, several civilizations, small and large, have emerged, prospered and vanished, sometimes for mysterious reasons, but most likely because they had exhausted the natural resources they could tap into to maintain their existence, or they were utterly consumed by war.
Our predicaments now are global in scope, with no spare planet as a fall-back option. Either we grow through the challenging opportunities we have created for ourselves and reach a higher rung on the ladder of evolutionary wisdom, or we catastrophically fail and massively quit the stage of this world to let Life slowly rebuild itself back as it already did five times in the past.
To some, it may sound like wishful thinking that we could survive what we have unleashed. Yet here we are, attempting the seemingly impossible. We have explained elsewhere that our aim is to enable the cocreative power of Source to provide us with useful guidance and visionary ideas and solutions that may have eluded our species so far. This unique premise must be clearly understood, otherwise participants will certainly fall in the deep tracks of ingrained thought patterns, and struggle to extirpate themselves from these grooves.
Trusting Source to arise through our consciousness requires intention, a special set of skills and a way of feeling oneself that more and more earth-bound souls are learning. In designing this project, it is this very reliance on intuitive guidance that has been our guiding beacon and steadfast commitment. To sum it up, what this is all about is a willingness to let go of our desire to control, and to accept, simply and trustingly, to go with the flow of inspiration as it arises, moment by moment, thought by thought, word by word, through our sentient consciousness.
In other words, we have to let it go and let It flow. And then we may experience the magic of spontaneous collective aha moments, with surprisingly fresh ideas emerging through our shared focus on any given aspect of the web of forward-looking possibilities for giving birth to a positive, life-affirming future.
There’s no telling how these synchronous realizations will arise, but the simple acknowledgement that we don’t know what we don’t know yet could make a profound difference in the receptivity of our minds and hearts. Anything we think we have already figured out, and thus already know, can be a hindrance to the flow from Source. How indeed could we discover new territories and new vistas if we are full of our own certainties about how everything is? Such a humble attitude of open-minded unknowingness is the best way to see and think anew.
Then, there is the "height" from which we consider and perceive our situation. This is a subtle one to grasp. Great new insights come from standing at a great distance. When you zoom out to have an overall view of a complex situation, patterns that are invisible from up-close may appear, and provide essential clues to find as yet unimagined ways to cocreate holistic solutions. And that includes playing out scenarios in our minds that require time and a constant, gentle evolutionary push to break through seemingly insurmountable stalemates.
We need to become chrononauts – time travelers surveying through inspired imagery the shifting landscape of how a seemingly hopeless situation may evolve given the right impulse at the right moment. When we say we ought to think out of the box, it involves every box we can possibly imagine.
Finally, there is perhaps the most overlooked notion: the self-organizing principle at work in the entire universe, in every single realm of reality, and on display in every nook and cranny of the marvelously complex web of life through which our species and zillion others have emerged. The chaos theory, exemplified in various fractals, is how scientists have managed to describe and explain this foundational principle. It applies not only to how matter organizes itself and how living beings such as flowers and shellfish can create spirals that reflect distant twirling galaxies, but also to how complex things like societies and civilizations evolve over time.
Given the obvious intelligence at work everywhere in and around us, it is easy to assert that, without any sort of concerted planning, individuals and groups around the world have always spontaneously responded in creative, healing ways to whatever challenges life has thrown at them, and will continue doing so. Therefore, if we pay attention, we will always find that the global solutions we may be looking for are already being implemented, often right under our nose, by an invisible army of lightworkers who simply follow their inner drive to do good and be of service to others.
This very project is precisely such a self-organizing response to a need for a global, paradigm-shifting vision that will instantaneously spread globally via our connections with each other through Source, and be intuitively recognized and acted upon as the perfect watchword at the perfect moment toward a perfect ever-evolving future, if we get our act together and co-channel Source… as we will, if we let it go and let It flow.
Group cocreativity is probably the path least traveled so far. Through being a living template for its activation in human consciousness, we can unleash a new Force for Peace, Love and Harmony that will reset our world to a higher octave in the spiraling fractal expression of Universal Intelligence through Source in us all.
To accomplish this simple feat, there is basically nothing to do but to Be. Although our mind may believe it can get "it" through mentally processing the notions expressed above, the only true way of knowing "it" is through actually experiencing "it". That’s really the only way! And that’s what we will surrender ourselves to, through living "it".