Inspiring humanity with a positive vision of our future

A Collaborative Project Designed

to Help Cocreate a Better Future

On May 7, a group of "consciousness arisers" joined minds, hearts and souls to envision and help cocreate a fulfilling, flourishing and life-affirming future for all beings and our earthly Mother. 

Envisioning a Future of our Wildest Dreams

We cannot solve our problems from the same level of consciousness that created them. In order to address our global crises, we need to meet them from a higher consciousness, from which we can draw the greatest power to transform them.

Obstacles and Challenges to Overcome

Division and fragmentation, vast ine-qualities, injustice and power abuses reign, resulting in the decimation of human rights and freedoms, an alarming rise of global techno-authoritarian rule, and the ravaging of our planet for the profits of a few.

Options and Solutions to Make it Happen

The consciousness that is arising now, with which we seek to align in this movement, is a tide that can lift all boats, combining both inner and outer transformation, consciousness and systems change, personal and global healing.

To find out more about this project, read the documents accessible through the two buttons above.

See also The Cocreative Power That Can Be – a step-by-step description of how we can muster the power of Source to co-manifest the vision of the future we will cocreate.

The following video describes how overwhelmingly vast our universe is, which helps put our global challenges into perspective.